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uPVC Door Repairs

I seem to have been out to lots of uPVC doors recently where the multipoint locking mechanisms have failed. But did you know that in many cases these can be repaired and serviced for a fraction of the cost of a replacement mechanism. In Rotherham alone i attended 3 in one day, where people had been advised to get new mechanisms or even new doors, when in fact all they needed was maybe a small replacement part, some adjustment and a good service.

Here are some good habits to get into when using your uPVC door;

Ensure your door latches correctly when closing, before starting the locking operation.

Lift the handle with your hand on top of the handle, to encourage a more gentle approach to locking the door.
(It is important to remember that the mechanism isn’t limited by the handle and too much force applied whilst locking, can shear off vital parts of the multipoint mechanism).

If your door becomes difficult to latch or to operate when lifting the handle and locking, the problem should be addressed sooner rather than later to avoid damaging the mechanism. This could result in a mechanism failure and a potential lock out!

Many doors just need adjustments and servicing to ensure optimal operation, which can be easily arranged.

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