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Locksmith says beware of fraud when you’re locked out

They pounce when you are most vulnerable. You’re locked out of your home, car or office, and you need help.

You probably do a quick on-line search, to find a locksmith.

But that’s when sometimes the real trouble begins.

A beauty supply store in Durham, has an ugly hole in its front door.

Jung Son, works at the store, and describes the damage an unqualified locksmith left behind. “He just make a big hole, basically,” said Son.

The hole is much bigger than it should be, the work of what licensed locksmith Oded Traister calls, a scam. “I came, the whole lock was missing,” said Traister.

He said he’s called to fix faulty jobs like this one, at least once a week. “The fly by night people that drill locks, they don’t really know how to pick a lock, they don’t understand how a lock works, they come, they break stuff,” said Traister.

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