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Spate of Burglaries in Rotherham Villages

Unfortunately, I’ve had to attend several break in’s in the last few weeks, all of which have been concentrated in the same area. It seems that small local villages are being targeted and many homes are being attacked each night. Obviously this has caused a great deal of upset for many families and potentially could have been prevented.

Lock snapping seems to be ever on the increase, but it’s now so easy to protect yourself with the right TS007 British Standard Antisnap Cylinders and Handles. There is also a whole range of affordable, additional security products on the market, that can greatly enhance the protection of your home or business.

It’s also vital to stay vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the police, now the dark nights are drawing in. Also make the most of the security you do have, by making sure all your doors, windows and out buildings are locked.

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