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New TS007 3* Rated Yale Platinum Anti Snap Lock Introduced

Exciting news from Yale this week, as they introduce a new TS007 3* rated anti snap cylinder to the market. The Platinum Series Euro Cylinder comes with a 10 year guarantee and has been rigorously tested to the British Standard BS EN1303:2005. It is also approved by Secured by Design, which is an official UK Police initiative, which supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

The AS Platinum Series Euro Cylinder has been designed with four separate lines of defence which include a sacrificial front section that can be snapped off in the event of attack, meaning there is less surface area to grip, grip deflectors that are hardened to prevent the attacker from gaining a firm hold, a hardened reinforced bar that flexes instead of snapping and finally an interlocking cam with strengthening bar to provide additional protection.

The new cylinders are suitable as a replacement product on UPVC, wood and composite doors and provide maximum protection against manipulation and physical attacks. It is available in Euro Single, Euro Double and Euro turn options and also a choice of polished brass or nickel finishes. It is also supplied with three keys as standard.

It’s great to see that more manufacturers are working hard to meet the new British Standard, which in turn provides customers with a wider variety of choice when selecting security for their property’s, especially as more and more home insurance companies are requiring the new TS007 3* rating as standard. I look forward to seeing how the market develops and how rival manufacturers respond.

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